American Textile, LLC is a highly experienced team of textile chemists, textile engineers, and sales professionals. Our team is supported by modern application and analytical laboratories operated by highly trained scientists and professionals. We are well positioned to be valuable partners with our customers – whether they seek assistance with new opportunities or need solutions to existing problems.

The company was founded in 2000 by Anthony Upchurch, the current Managing Partner. Each American Textile, LLC Partner has over 40 years of experience working for internationally known textile mills or multinational textile chemical corporations. The Partners have worked in over 45 countries, assisting customers with machinery start-ups, efficiency improvements, environmental and standards compliance, troubleshooting, and problem-solving. We have made technical and sales presentations at textile industry and university seminars in more than 10 countries. We have published technical papers in at least 5 countries. We have filed and been awarded US patents. We consider ourselves experts in warp sizing, garment washing, and all aspects of international business – from logistics to banking. Many of our customers consider us experts in all aspects of textile wet processing.

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