ElasTechs® warp sizing is formulated to meet the demands of all modern high-speed looms, including air jet looms, projectile looms, rapier looms, and water jet looms.

ElasTechs® products must meet similar requirements in providing adequate adhesion, lubrication, and cohesive strength to the warp yarns.

ElasTechs® sizing agents must have excellent film-forming properties for air jet looms to ensure that the warp yarns are well-coated and protected, as high-speed air jet insertion can significantly stress the yarn. They must also reduce friction and static buildup to facilitate smooth yarn insertion and minimize breakage.

In projectile looms, the ElasTechs® sizing products must provide good adhesion and abrasion resistance, as they must withstand the projectile’s friction and impact as it pulls the yarn across the shed.

In rapier looms, ElasTechs® sizes must offer good flexibility and elasticity to allow the yarn to be easily gripped and released by the rapier tapes without causing excessive abrasion or deformation.

ElasTechs® products for water jet looms must meet specific demands to perform optimally. Essential requirements are strong adhesion to the fibers while maintaining flexibility to prevent breakage during weaving and excellent film-forming properties to create a smooth and uniform film on the yarn surface to protect the yarn from abrasion and friction during the weaving process. Low viscosity is preferred as it can easily penetrate the yarn structure and provide good coverage without causing excessive buildup or clogging in the loom.

Each type of loom places unique demands on ElasTechs® warp sizes. The properties of the sizing agent must be ideal for the loom type and the weaving process to optimize weaving efficiency and fabric quality.

ElasTechs® Staple Yarn Sizing Agents are a complete line of One-Piece Sizing Agents, Sizing Binders, PVA Products, and Sizing Auxiliaries.


ElasTechs® Filament Yarn Sizing Agents are a range of Sizing Agents and Auxiliaries for all types of Filament Yarns.


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