ElasTechs® filament sizing agents are advanced synthetic polymer technology products uniquely formulated for their intended application. The product group covers the entire range of filament yarns with various chemistries. ElasTechs®  products are available for dry looms and water jet looms alike.


ElasTechs® Filament Yarn Sizing Auxiliaries are a group of special performance products designed to solve often encountered problems related to sizing and weaving filament yarns. These same products are built into many of our ElasTechs® filament sizing agents. This group comprises lubricants, leveling agents, antistatic agents, wetting and penetrating products, and sizing grade defoamers.


Lubricant ElasTechs®2125
Antistatic Agent ElasTechs®3000
Leveling Agent ElasTechs®3010
Antimigration Agent ElasTechs®3020
Wetting Agent ElasTechs®3040
Defoaming Agent ElasTechs®3050

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