ElasTechs® Staple Yarn Sizing Agents are truly one-piece products, tailored to specific yarns and requiring no additives. ElasTechs® Staple Yarn Sizing Agents contain all additives for a superior performing sizing agent – including aids for optimum lubrication, enhanced film elasticity, foaming control, reduced size migration, self-leveling film formation, static electricity control, and more. ElasTechs® Staple Yarn Sizing Agents are available in strength, from 2307 at 14% binder equivalence to 2362 at 60% binder equivalence. The Sizing Agents come standard at medium viscosity (MV). Each product is available in low (LV) and high viscosity (HV) versions for conditions requiring it, such as high-pressure squeeze, over-crowded size boxes, low wet pick up, very hairy yarn, etc. For customers with restrictions on using Polyvinyl Alcohol, each product is available Polyvinyl Alcohol free.


ElasTechs® Staple Yarn Sizing Binders are a range of polymers used with starch and starch derivatives to size virtually any type of yarn. The products are primarily formulated to improve adhesion, abrasion resistance, film strength, and elasticity. For customers with restrictions on using Polyvinyl Alcohol, each product is available Polyvinyl Alcohol free. ElasTechs®Staple Yarn Sizing Binders contain various sizing additives to compensate for less-than-ideal physical properties of starch, including weakness and brittleness of film, low resistance to abrasion, and poor adhesion to the yarn.


Modified Acrylic Resin ElasTechs®2312
Modified CMC Polymer ElasTechs®2600
Modified Polyester Resin ElasTechs®2740

ElasTechs® PVA products are warp sizing grade polyvinyl alcohol in two hydrolysis ranges and 3 viscosities. The products are outstanding film-forming agents with high adhesion and strength, ideal for sizing a wide range of yarns. The products can be used alone or in conjunction with starch.


88% Hydrolysis, Low Viscous ElasTechs®205
88% Hydrolysis, Medium Viscous ElasTechs®523
88% Hydrolysis, High Viscous ElasTechs®540
96% Hydrolysis, Medium Viscous ElasTechs®425

ElasTechs®Staple Yarn Sizing Auxiliaries are a group of special performance products designed to solve often encountered problems related to sizing and weaving staple yarns. These same products are built into ElasTechs® one-piece sizing agents. This collection comprises lubricants, leveling agents, antistatic agents, wetting and penetrating products, and sizing grade defoamers.


Emulsified Flake Lubricant ElasTechs®2125
Antistatic Agent ElasTechs®3000
Antimigration Agent ElasTechs®3020
Wetting and Penetration Aid ElasTechs®3040
Defoaming Agent ElasTechs®3050

There are ElasTechs® Staple Size Yarn Sizes for almost every yarn, resulting from the long and broad experience of American Textile, LLC, working over 40 years in the global textile industry.


Denim Yarn ElasTechs® 2410
Lyocell Yarn ElasTechs® 2420
Elastane Yarn ElasTechs® 2430
Spun Polyester Yarn ElasTechs® 2440
Polypropylene Yarn ElasTechs® 2450
Rayon Yarn ElasTechs® 2460
Flax Yarn ElasTechs® 2470
Wool Yarn ElasTechs® 2075
Silk Yarn ElasTechs® 2480
Jute Yarn ElasTechs® 2490

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